Are You Blocking Your Blessings?

Am I blocking my blessings? Hum?????  I have asked myself that question repeatedly. As much as I would love to blame satan, I cannot.  I took a look within my soul and realized that I was the one blocking my blessings. It is the enemy of our soul that keeps us from receiving all that God has for us. In other words, you are blocking your
blessings.  How you might be asking?  What things are you holding onto emotionally, physically or spiritually that you know you need to let go of? I know you are probably saying, “Here she goes again.”  We are accountable to each other. We are our brother/sisters keeper. We must hold each other to the fire.  So what is it that you must let go of?  Whatever that thing is; it is blocking your blessing!

You must pray and seek God for the thing that is buried so deep you can’t see it with the natural eye. That may be a scary thought for you. It may mean facing some truths that you usually try to run from. God knows the real you. He, after all, created you. Nothing catches God by surprise. He knows everything that is going to happen in all of our lives.  Whether those things are good or bad, they make up who we are. Each event in our lives can be a force contributing to our wellbeing. By contrast, each event can be a negative force contributing to our demise. It’s up to us to choose. We determine the positive or negative influence of the events in our lives by deciding to accept God’s gifts or to reject God’s gifts. It is as simple as that.

The Word tells us, “Without faith it is impossible to please God,” and that, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen?” (Hebrews 11:1). Scripture says, “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world….” You were born of God to succeed, not to fail. But by faith you must receive and walk in your deliverance in order to obtain your victory!

God can turn all things, even the most negative circumstances or events we have experienced, around for our good. (Romans 8:28) I accepted that promise and God has made it to be manifest in my life. Stop blocking your blessings! Release that which you have been carrying and open your heart to receive the flow of abundant blessings.

I’m just sayin’

Love you to life!


 Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Romans 12-2a (Msg)



  1. Rosalind said

    Good Morning Sandra
    Yes this is so true oh what a truth. There are things in our lives that we are afraid to let go of. It is so familar to us as a matter of fact we think it is normal what a lie. Yes we are holding up our blessings. God want to bless us. A few months ago God reveal something that was buried very deep within. It took my seeking, asking and knocking what is it that is holding me up. It was revealed to me and I was able to let it go praise GOD. Continue the excellent work.

  2. smchaney said

    Thank you Rosalind for your comment. I am so glad to hear that you were able to let some things go. It is such a good feeling!!! Blessings!

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